ReInvention Notebook

ReInvention Notebook

You have a life — we give you the tools you need to live it.

We created ReInvention Notebook because we were tired of seeing fitness/lifestyle/nutrition magazines that focus on unrealistic expectations and think working out + eating healthy are all about looking good in a bikini. We followed those trends when we were younger but now that we’re in our 40’s our priorities have changed. Yes, we’d still like to feel great in a swimsuit, but at this stage in our lives we are far more focused on:

  • Being active
  • Feeling youthful
  • Feeling strong and capable
  • Accepting our bodies instead of fighting our bodies
  • Having the energy to enjoy our lives

We created ReInvention Notebook to fill the gap left by other industry magazines. We’re here to provide fitness / nutrition / lifestyle advice to the 40+ crowd. We’re here to show you that fitness and health are so much more than what your body looks like.

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