Fitness is never just about exercise and nutrition is never just about food. The work you do inside the gym needs to be supported by the choices you make outside the gym. Sleep, stress, thought patterns, and habits profoundly impact your ability to be and stay fit. Like our fitness programs, our nutrition and lifestyle programs are designed to educate you. In our nutrition and lifestyle programs you’ll learn how the food you eat affects your body, learn how to eat foods you enjoy without giving up on your goals, and learn how your thought patterns and habits affect your food choices.

12 Week Program

Unlike other nutrition programs, you’ll learn how to eat instead of being told what to eat. There isn’t just one way to eat healthy and over the 12 weeks you’ll learn how to eat right for you.


1 month evaluation/fine tuning

Ideal for individuals who want more energy, who have plateaued with their weight-loss, or just want feedback on their eating habits.

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