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2016 Holiday Survive & Thrive | Starts Nov. 6!
October 3, 2016
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Holiday Survive & Thrive

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Have you ever ended the year feeling like you overdid the holiday eating?
Have you sworn you won’t overdo it again, only to wake up January 1st filled with regrets? If you know you want to enjoy your holidays without feeling deprived but you don’t have a plan for success I have tools you can use to succeed.


Now you can join me as we go through the holidays enjoying our favorite foods without losing control.


If you’re heading into the holidays without a plan then you’ll likely end up in the exact same place when the holidays are over.


  • What most people do is they head into the holidays determined to not go overboard but they don’t have a plan for how they’re going to achieve that goal. Without a plan they give in to temptation and lose control by the end of Thanksgiving weekend. 
  • Or they plan to avoid all indulgences, which is unrealistic and almost guarantees failure.
  • Without a plan they don’t know how to enjoy their favorite holiday foods without going overboard.
If you’d tried avoiding holiday indulging, if you’ve tried limiting yourself and it hasn’t worked in the past, chances are high that it won’t work this year either — and you’ll wake up January 1st feeling like you have to undo all of the damage you do over the holidays.
Holiday Survive & Thrive helps you make the right choices
The key to enjoying your holidays without overdoing it is to have a plan — a plan that lets you enjoy your favorite foods while still taking care of yourself. I wish I was one of those people who could “clean eat” their way through the holiday season — but I’m not. When I’m trying to avoid all of my favorite holiday foods I feel deprived and I feel like I’m missing out on some of my favorite traditions and memories. When I was in my twenties I could get away with eating whatever I wanted — oh how I miss those days! But the reality is I’m in my forties now and I feel like crap mentally and physically when I over indulge. I had to learn how to navigate the holidays so that I could enjoy myself and still feel good about myself by the end of the holiday season.


When you sign-up for Holiday Survive & Thrive you’ll join me as we enjoy the holidays without regrets
  • I’ll present a live video workshop every week where I’ll share strategies to help you stay on track that week
  • You’ll be part of a private Facebook group where I’ll share tips to keep you motivated and inspired throughout the holidays season
  • I’ll show you practical steps you can take so you can enjoy your favorite holiday foods without feeling like you’ve lost control
  • You’ll get healthy eating guidelines that are reasonable and doable during the holiday season
  • I’ll share information with you so you can feel knowledgable about the choices you make
  • You’ll get tips to help you deal with the stress of the holidays
  • You’ll get a head start on starting 2018 feeling healthy and strong
My one-on-one coaching programs cost a minimum of $125/month but this entire 7-week program is only $70 — that’s almost two months of coaching for only 32% of the normal price.
It’s up to you
You can enter the holidays with the same mindset you have every year and wake up on January 1st with the same regrets or you can sign-up for Holiday Survive & Thrive today and wake up January 1st feeling great!
Register now so you can get access to our private Facebook group and get a head start on the materials I’ve already posted.

Thinking about registering your employees as a holiday gift? Contact us at info@reinventionfitness for corporate pricing.