Renee B.

I was encouraged to talk with Doug Barsanti after a workout at Toadal Fitness to improve my fitness and help rehabilitate my back. I was still in physical therapy at Dominican and Doug coordinated my workouts with my P.T., which gave me a very consistent training regime. I've always had a regular workout routine, but Doug showed me new and safer ways to improve my strength and overall fitness and it was fun. He makes you feel comfortable and at the same time maintains a very professional approach to training. I would definitely recommend Doug as your next trainer. You won't be disappointed.

Emma E.

I met Doug Barsanti owner of ReInvention Fitness via Toadal Fitness over a year ago. He was assigned to me when I first joined the gym to provide 3 complimentary training sessions. I was in a critical point in my life. I had recently lost about 40lbs and was starting to gain some back. I really wanted to start running again as I had not done so in too many years to mention. I decided to make an investment in myself by signing up for personal training sessions with him. I've been seeing him consistently since September 2010 and thanks to him I just completed the Nike Women's Half Marathon. The training we did focused on strength, endurance and agility. Throughout my training Doug was aware of a prior knee injury and always kept that at the forefront of our training. He has also worked with me on nutrition and to some degree on raising my self esteem around body image issues - because yes our bodies do change once we reach 40!

Mary C.

By the time I retired I had debilitating neck, shoulder and lower back pain from working long hours in a stressful environment and being on a computer non-stop. I was facing surgery on both shoulders. I joined Toadal Fitness and started working on machines and taking a few classes. Having worked with other trainers I was skeptical that anything could help and I was concerned about being injured further as had been the case in the past. Over time I noticed Doug training at the gym and that his clients were doing exercises that looked more like a combination of physical therapy and training and did not use machines. Doug came highly recommend by acquaintances, so I jumped in, and now have only to wish that I had started sooner. I’ve had exceptional and rapid results with Doug’s training program and am amazed how I am now able to conduct normal activities now without pain in my shoulders, neck and lower back. Doug is vastly knowledgeable about anatomy, physical therapy, and training, and is able to see where I carry stress and injuries that are causing me to hold myself in ways that perpetuate bad posture and resulting pain. Doug's training requires me to relax as I do the innovative exercises that challenge my brain (habits) and body in positive ways. Doug's quality training program is professional, efficient, and comfortable, and I have come to trust that his exercises are pain free (amazingly, even the one legged squats!). The training concept is multidimensional and includes the interaction of muscle, skeleton and habits that have formed over a long period of time. As a result of my regularly changing workouts, I feel stronger and more grounded than I ever have and I am becoming free of past stress injuries. I truly look forward to doing my workout three times a week. Pain has been the big driver, but for sheer vanity’s sake, Doug has been able to help me bring back youthful posture in the neck and upper back - no more of that sinking down feeling with slumpy neck and shoulders. I never want to go back to the way I felt before and with Doug’s help, know I don’t have to.

Lu H.

I feel so lucky to have found Doug B. at Reinvention Fitness. It was serendipity, and has turned out to be the best thing I could have hoped for at this point in trying to redefine who I am as a fit and healthy person with the best physical condition I can obtain. I needed a Personal Trainer to not only help me transition from Physical Therapy Rehab., but to guide me forward into total peak conditioning for my age and capabilities. Doug. B. is ideal for my situation. I have had a series of hip replacement surgeries over the past 20 years and felt like my body was crumbling, my gait had a pronounced limp, my lower back had chronic pain, and I felt fatigued all the time. After Physical Therapy, I wondered what I could do on my own going forward. Turns out I'm not that self-motivated, but I signed up for a gym membership, and one of the owners recommended Doug B. I was scared that I would get railroaded into doing things beyond my ability and, really, I had no idea what I was capable of...I just knew I needed to get jump-started and transitioned into a "wellness lifestyle," and I needed a Personal Trainer to guide me. Doug is simply ideal at moving me forward in the most natural, comfortable, and actually fun way imaginable. I've trained with him for a solid 3 months now, meeting at the gym twice a week, and I have already exceeded my own imagination and overcome huge mental barriers to physical conditioning! Doug is so meticulous in evaluating my status at every meeting. He charts my stats, goals, and progress in great detail on his iPad and even comes with me to my follow-up appointments when I go back to meet my Physical Therapist periodically! Every session is carefully planned and monitored to work on exactly the muscle groups or problem areas that have been holding me back, causing me pain, or creating less than optimal performance for my strength, flexibility, and especially my gait. I am thrilled with my personal records and progress to date, and I look forward to each session rather than avoiding movement or making excuses. Doug has made my path toward strength, flexibility and stability fun and highly effective. I appreciate his in-depth knowledge and positive approach. Anybody looking to maximize their physical well-being would be fortunate indeed to have Doug B. as their Personal Trainer as well!

Sarah C.

I would recommend Doug Barsanti without hesitation. First some back story, I was hired by CALFIRE as a forester and was required to attend the CAL FIRE Firefighter II Academy as a condition of my employment. Then I broke my humerus two weeks after I was hired. When I came to re Invention Fitness I was a mess. I was sad, sore and full of self-doubt. His positive and encouraging attitude made him easy to work with. I was well prepared to meet the diverse challenges of a difficult course meant for career firefighters. He did a great job of developing drills which mimicked real-life situations. I am proud to say that with Doug’s help I was able to add one women to a class of 50 men. Thanks Doug!!!

Linda M.

Doug B. was recommended to me by the owner of Toadal Fitness, where I am a member. Having retired from teaching, I was finally ready to get real about fitness. My goals were increased strength and flexibility. Doug opened my eyes to a much broader definition of lifetime fitness. I love the Reinvention Fitness motto: "Don't let age get in the way." The training regimen Doug developed specifically for me has definitely yielded results. Most important, because of his depth of knowledge and keen observation, Doug identified some physical issues that needed to be addressed beyond the scope of our training. He suggested an evaluation by a physical therapist and now, in conjunction with the two of them, I am correcting physical issues I had resigned myself to accepting after years of futile treatments with doctors and various other practitioners. I can't imagine a better way to invest health care dollars. Age is NOT going to get in my way as I work to become fit for life. Oh yes...Doug has a great sense of humor, too. and laughter is part of every training session.
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